Our Offerings

We can customize your services to exactly what your body needs.  Any add-on can be combined with any core healing service.


Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

$75/per hour

Or $40 for half session

Personalized session
Crystal or Metal bowls
Deep Meditation


Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

$120/per hour

Each additional person $30

2-4 people
Crystal or Metal bowls
Positive group energy

Home and Family

Cleansing Sound Session

$160/per hour
Clear negative energy
Promote healing
Up to 6 people or pets


Energy Healing

$40/per 30 minutes
Clear negative energy
Recharge the positive
Ancient Technique

Add On

Crystal Healing

Personalized stones
Grid or free placement

Add On


Personalized aromas
Diffused or oil drip

Add On

CBD dose

$5/per dose
UltraCell full spectrum
Hemp derived CBD
12 hour sustainability



$30/per 30 minutes
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There is soooo much to discuss, but when it comes to specifically his sound healing techniques through Tibetan and crystal bowls.... WOW!! You can experience yourself as another dimension then the physical aspects that we may be attached to. His technique seems very individual and personal. I believe with his background in Shamanism he intuitively senses what the energy is looking for to balance and ascend.

Tara Costen
June 18, 2018

We are so thankful that our paths crossed with Mario. After meeting Mario, my five year old son (Dagan) seems to have had a whole new world of possibilities ignited in him. Mario saw his "warrior spirit" right away. Dagan was born with 9 different heart anomalies and has endured 3 open heart surgeries, although Mario was not aware of his history and the effect it has had on so many. Intuitively Mario already knew my son, they quickly made friends and I am certain my son will not forget him. Mario saw the healer in Dagan because they both share that gift. Personally, the sound energy I experienced seemed to create a peaceful state. Mental clarity and relaxation, I could actually feel my brain waves synchronizing with the vibration.

Cana Smith
June 17, 2016

Mario is one of the most prophetic healers I have had the pleasure of knowing. His stellar vibration alone is pure magic! My entire Tribe received harmonious healing alignment of chakras, resulting in elevated vibrations in all aspects of our lives. I can personally attest to the vast benefits of Mario's work an I highly recommend any and all of his services.

Julia Diane Velja
July 25,2017